Welcome to Mrs. Anderson's Third Grade!

Grade 3 Room 203

Hello, and welcome to the third grade! This is a very special year, and we are very busy!!
In ELA, we are in Unit 3 of our Journeys book, reading a wonderful mix of stories - informational text, trickster tales, legends, and humorous fiction. Reading skills we will focus on are sequence of events, theme, compare and contrast, author's purpose, and understanding characters. Grammar will cover plural nouns, writing quotations, subject-verb agreement, pronoun-verb agreement, and verb tenses. We will apply what we learn in our writing, including poems, and will apply our phonics lessons to our reading and spelling.
In math, we are finishing up our study of fractions, and will begin our unit on time, length, liquid volume, and mass. It would be a great help to the children to have them practice reading an analog clock, figuring elapsed time, and measuring. These skills are used in everyday life as we figure schedules and cook, so please let your children practice what they are learning by helping you! Next, we will study area and perimeter, and geometry.

We have been learning about different ecosystems and biomes in science. Our next topic will be life cycles, where we will learn the life cycles of the sunflower, the butterfly, and the ladybug!
The children are quite interested in our current study of Famous Americans in social studies! They love learning about these wonderful people who have shaped our country, and are becoming quite the history buffs! Each child has chosen a famous American to research, and will soon be presenting their reports in interesting ways!

In Religion, we are studying the Great Commandment, and moving into learning the Ten Commandments. Simultaneously, we are preparing for receiving the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist! Please make sure your children have the opportunity to attend Mass so they can learn and practice being participants in the celebration of the Eucharist. They are so eager and so excited for this wonderful sacrament!!

Please check in daily on the homework page of this wikispace to learn what is expected each night from your student, and any notes for you.

Please know that you can contact me at any time through email to discuss any concerns you have. I will get back to you as soon as possible, in most cases by the end of the day. My email address is kanderson@noolp.org