Welcome to Mrs. Anderson's Third Grade!

Grade 3 Room 203

Hello, and welcome to the third grade! This is a very special year, and we are very busy!!
In ELA, we will begin in Unit 1 of our Journeys book, reading a wonderful mix of stories. Reading skills we will focus on are story structure, summarizing, drawing conclusions, inferring and predicting, understanding characters, cause and effect, and visualizing. Grammar will cover sentences - identifying a complete sentence as opposed to a fragment, and the four types of sentences. Our phonics and spelling will involve words with short vowels, VCe spellings, and long vowel sounds.We will apply what we learn in our writing, including poems, and will apply our phonics lessons to our reading and spelling.
Math will begin with review of addition and subtraction, and will involve addition with and without carrying, and subtraction with and without regrouping/borrowing. The first one is a long chapter, but we will trudge through!

We will be learning about the scientific process in the beginning of science. We will have a new science series that we will be using, and it will cover great topics which include STEM activities.
Our social studies focus this year is on communities. We will begin with local communities, and work our way out to communities of the world. We will be working on map skills in the beginning, and will learn about continents and oceans.

In Religion, we have such an exciting year preparing for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist! We will begin by learning about each person of the Blessed Trinity, and about the people of the church.

Please check in daily on the homework page of this wikispace to learn what is expected each night from your student, and any notes for you.

Please know that you can contact me at any time through email to discuss any concerns you have. I will get back to you as soon as possible, in most cases by the end of the day. My email address is kanderson@noolp.org